Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's been about a month since I started this blog, and those of you who signed up for the mailing list (thank you thank you thank you) have been inundated with my thoughts 2-3 times per week.  Not one of you so far has removed your name from the mailing list, and the fact that you're still with me is greatly appreciated.  Of course, for all I know you've set up an e-mail spam rule that drops my messages directly into your trash, but that's ok.  Don't tell me.  Ignorance is bliss.

I have gotten some terrific, interesting feedback.  I'm amazed at how many of you enjoy sharing your own observations about behavior in shared spaces.  Additionally, many people use the hashtag #onthetrain on Twitter and provide their own observations.  I've found my people.

It got me thinking that feedback is important for this blog.  In the one month I've been doing this, many of my posts have been inspired by comments you've made to me along the way.  With that, I've come up with a new term.

New to me anyway.  Every time I Google anything, I find that someone else already thought of it.  Damned Google.

I call this new term, "blogstalking."  And I don't mean, "blogs talking," like a big blog conversation volley.  No, I mean "blog stalking."  Blogstalking is the act of publishing a blog entry and then asking your friends to tell you what they think.  "Don't hold back.  Give me brutal honest feedback."

"Brutal Honest Feedback."  Who doesn't love being asked for that? You're still faced with trying to nicely tell the blogstalker:
  1. "Leave me alone," or 
  2. "I'm trying to find a diplomatic way to tell you that what you write is garbage."
Well, I'm doing it anyway.  Here's my blogstalk.  Drop me a line at and let me know if my stuff is good, great, boring as hell, pointless, whatever.

I'm Blogstalking.  Humor me.

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