Monday, March 24, 2014

Those Keen Honking Reflexes!

Up till now, I've been telling train stories.  I thought it might be interesting to explore the other leg of my commute, the drive to the station.

On my way to the train station this morning, I came to a red light.  Of course, this part of the story should surprise no one.  On Long Island, you come to a red light every 1000 feet, on average.  I believe Nassau and Suffolk counties use more electricity for traffic management than entire developing countries consume in an entire year. But I'm deviating from topic.

The interesting part of the story is that I was standing there, watching the light, waiting for it to change. The light turned green, and as I released the brake and went to press the accelerator, I heard a noise.  "What was the noise," you ask? Slow down!  Everyone is in such a hurry.  I'm going to tell you.

The noise was the sound of the car horn of the vehicle behind me.  I checked my rear view mirror, and realized that the gentleman driving the vehicle was trying to help me by pointing out, courtesy of wildly gesticulating flailing arms, that the light had turned green a nanosecond earlier! Thank you, gentleman with the flailing arms in the vehicle behind me! Thank you!

I proceeded about 500 feet, where I encountered another red light.  Did I tell you about red lights on Long Island? I watched him carefully in my rear view mirror as he spoke animatedly on his phone.  Or, perhaps he was speaking to no one, I can't be certain.  We both made a left turn into the train parking lot, but given that he was in a slight hurry, he burned about 829 miles of rubber off his tires and then turned in a different direction so he could park his car and get to the train. We were both 15 minutes early for the train, but once again, I digress.

I'm thinking that guy might want to switch to decaf.  I'd call him and tell him myself but I need to pay attention.  This red light will turn green any second.

Happy commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.

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