Monday, April 21, 2014

Angry Feedback Catches Me Off Guard

I was pretty darned excited about having a story published in Newsday.  I felt like this hobby of mine might get some publicity.  People would learn of the blog, join and share their own experiences, and we’d all live happily ever after.  Well, I did get some positive feedback and high-fives, as well as some new followers, but did I ever get some wallops.  Some Newsday readers took offense and interpreted the piece as being insensitive to a person who may have been hurting financially. 

The man was in his late 20s or early 30s, and well dressed.  His shoes were polished.  Of course, I don’t know his financial situation.  But, if I thought he was in need, the essay would have been inappropriate and I wouldn’t have written it.  With that said, I stand by the story.  In my view, he was simply a fare cheat.

So now that we’ve established that I’m a cruel person with no regard for those less fortunate than me, here are some choice negative feedback highlights.  All names are changed to protect me from those who might still be angry.

You’re an unhappy person with a miserable life, and your blog is doomed to fail.  Mr. E asked who I thought I was to pass judgment.  He said that I’m probably one of those Long Islanders who moves next to a school and complains about the noise and traffic, which would be a great topic for my next failed blog.  Thanks to Mr. E for that highly constructive criticism.  I have to say that I am strangely honored by the vitriol.  I really got under this person’s skin.  Does that take any talent? 

I’m not going to respond to Mr. E.  Some others responded to him in a most humorous way and I have nothing else to add.  Responses included, “You need a hug.”  “You need to cut back on the coffee.”  And, “If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

Your complete lack of compassion left me wanting to wash.  Nice!  Mr. L went on to say that it is a FACT that I’m insensitive and lack a modicum of compassion, and that I’m a liar.  Mr. L went on to point out that I’m a novice writer.  What can I say, Mr. L?  You’re entitled to your opinion.  I’m very sorry I made you feel unclean.  Go have a bath.

Any feedback is good feedback, so I’ll take it all.  Thanks Mr. E and Mr. L and all the others who were offended by the story.  Happy commuting, and may you always have the resources to never have to hide in the lavatory to avoid paying a fare.  And may you encounter uncommon sense.

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