Monday, April 14, 2014

Rush Home Early Days On The Train

It's the first night of Passover, which means a mad crush to the commuter rails for "Rush Ahoma."  If you're leaving early to try to make it home before sundown, I wish you a safe commute and a joyous holiday celebration.  As Moses said, "let my people go.... home."

For those of you who are getting on a train but ride the rails only on special occasions, here are a few things you can expect to see this evening.

Crowded cars.  Yep, you're not the only one trying to get home early.  Be patient.  Some passengers will have large bags.  Feel free to help them put the large bags out of the way, such as on the overhead racks or out the window.

Flowers.  People from the city who travel to religious celebrations in the suburbs just love to bring flowers. That's because nobody cooks in the city.  Expect your train car to smell like a florist's shop.  Or a funeral home.  

Cell phone abusers.  Given the lack of seasoned commuters on these trains, you will encounter numerous people who are announcing the time of their arrival to their loved ones.  At absurd volume levels.  

People waving at the station like they're on a cruise ship leaving port.  When you get to your destination and look for your family member who will drive you home, expect to see a sea of people waving.  They could be waving at you, or not.  It doesn't matter.  Get in any car, you'll likely get close to your destination.

Happy commuting, Happy Passover.  And may you encounter uncommon sense.

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