Thursday, June 05, 2014

Several New RULES

From time to time, my blog posts detail the RULES, both obvious and obscure.  Here are a few new ones.  I hope you find them constructive.  Feel free to share your own.

Escalators host two types of riders, who MUST know their place.  It is perfectly acceptable to be an escalator climber, or to be a stander.  In this great country of ours, we tolerate and embrace differences.  Feel free to stop reading if you want to hum a few bars of "America the Beautiful."  I'll wait.


Welcome back.  Now here's the deal.  You want to stand?  Fine.  I don't mind if you want to miss your train.  That's up to you.  Thing is, I don't want to miss mine.  So stand on the right so I can pass on the left.  It is extraordinarily simple, and yet, so many have trouble with this.  A simple "excuse me" is often met with empty stares, or worse, hostility.  If you're on the left, you walk up.  If you're on the right, you stand.  That's the RULE.

Walk with your shoulder tucked and forward.  This is defensive and a survival tactic.  A friend posted on social media recently that he took a nasty shoulder check from someone on the street.  My friend turned and said something to the fellow who pulled a Brandon Prust on him (Rangers are in the Finals, had to work that in), and the person responded with a less than constructive retort. I won't say what it was here on a family blog, but it rhymes with "Chuck knew."

My friend told me that he typically walks with his shoulder forward, but was momentarily distracted during a conversation with a friend.  Too bad, because if my friend had been walking according to the RULE, the other person may have been flattened.  Given that person's disposition, it sounds like a proper tune-up might have done him some good.

If you're gonna put up a sign, use spell check.  See the picture below.  I'm sorry for your appearance too, because you don't appear terribly bright.  How could an entire group of people (it's the MTA, so you know a committee was involved) come up with this sign and not realize they had made a spelling error in the main message of the notice?

If you're going to post a sign, run your copy through spell check.  They teach this in Sign Posting 101.
I'm so glad my fares are paying the salaries of the best and brightest.

Share your RULES if you have some!  I love feedback.

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