Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Strike Rant - Cuomo And His Ivory Tower

As I've watched these MTA and union pinheads prance around like spoiled children, I have been thinking about my own options.  Perhaps I, too, would go on strike and not write my blog.

But then I realized that I'm a private sector guy.  We don't strike.  Instead, I will write about what commuting is like during a strike, should it come to that.

Our governor, from his perch in Albany 175 miles north of my train station in Nassau County, made the brilliant comment that "the strike will be a pain, but not a disaster." Oh really?

I want to introduce him to the lady who sells me coffee each day from her shop near the station.  I want to show him the newspaper stand in Penn Station with the guy who is up at 4 AM to make a living every day.  I want to introduce him to friends of mine who are independent workers, making daily rates, who are out of luck to make it to their jobs.  None of these people will get paid.

It won't matter to him.  No big deal.  If tax revenues go down because of a strike, just raise taxes later.  On top of the tax hike we'll all face to fund the strike settlement.

Yes, I will continue to blog.  I will write about how unpleasant it is to get from A to B when the economic bloodline that drives the Long Island economy is squeezed off.  And for what?  People who want to make overtime, have their medical insurance paid in full, and receive pensions.  Very few receive such benefits in the private sector.  It's a thing of the past, for better or for worse.  Why should we pay for theirs?

No strike for me.

Happy commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.

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