Friday, August 15, 2014

The Morning Grind

Some of you have asked me what the daily grind is like when commuting on the train.  There are several "legs," including the morning routine, the drive to the station, the train ride, the subway, and finally arrival.   In today's post, I'll give you a glimpse into the morning routine on a typical day.  The morning routine is supposed to culminate in my catching the 7:29 AM express to Penn Station.

5:00:00 AM - Alarm goes off to exercise
5:00:01 AM - Wife nudges me to shut off alarm
5:00:02 AM - Reset alarm to 6 AM

6:00:00 AM - Alarm goes off
6:00:01 AM - Wife nudges me to shut off alarm
6:00:02 AM - I click snooze
6:05:00 AM - Alarm goes off, I click snooze
6:10:00 AM - Alarm.  Wife proves her elbow strength.  I get up

6:15:00 AM - Shower.  Make mental to do list.  Forget all items by the time shower is done
6:20:00 AM - Brush teeth and shave
6:30:00 AM - Dress, remark to self how on time I am.  I will easily make the 7:29 train
6:30:05 AM - 4 year old wakes up.  Likelihood of making the 7:29 train erodes

6:35:00 AM - Move to kitchen.  Pack lunch if I'm brown-bagging that day
6:36:00 AM - Put on TV show in den for 4 year old.  Return to kitchen to pack lunch
6:38:00 AM - 4 year old requests different show.  Return to den to find something better
6:40:00 AM - 4 year old reminds me I said I'd set up his train tracks.  Set them up

6:47:00 AM - Return to kitchen to finish making lunch
6:50:00 AM - 4 year old needs help finding a Lego piece
6:55:00 AM - Give up. Pack banana and yogurt.  Will buy lunch.
6:58:00 AM - Drop K-Cup in the Keurig and make coffee to go
7:00:00 AM - 9 and 11 year olds up, help them get breakfast
7:05:00 AM - Say goodbye to all, leave house
7:07:00 AM - 4 year old sad because I didn't say bye.  Go back in
7:10:00 AM - Big hug, promise to set up his trains again tonight

7:10:05 AM - Make mental note to set up his trains this evening
7:13:00 AM - Say goodbye to everyone again

7:15:00 AM - Get in car to drive to train station
7:27:00 AM - Arrive at train station after stopping for 829 red lights
7:28:00 AM - Park car
7:29:00 AM - Watch 7:29 AM train pull out of the station
7:40:00 AM - Get on next train to Penn Station

7:46:00 AM - Wife calls, 4 year old pouting because I didn't say goodbye
7:47:00 AM - Say goodbye on phone to 4 year old.  Ignore dirty looks from passengers
7:52:00 AM - Receive 2nd phone call from wife, I left the yogurt and banana on the table
8:05:00 AM - Notice odd behaviors.  Write a quick post or jot ideas for blog post
8:10:00 AM - Read the paper, drink coffee
8:20:00 AM - Nod off
8:25:00 AM - Arrive in Penn Station, after a solid 5 minutes of sleep

What did my 4 year old want me to do again?  I can't remember.


Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.

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