Thursday, September 04, 2014

Post Labor Day (PLD) Commuting Blues

It's September. And when it's September, everything changes. Camp is done, vacations are over, the kids go back to school. Lunches have to be made, homework has to be checked, teachers need to be met.

It's them "Post Labor Day Blues." Have you heard the news? No more cruise. The kids need new shoes.

The commuter also suffers from the Post Labor Day Blues. While a blues singer asks why his woman done him wrong, a commuter suffering from the PLD Blues asks the following questions.

Why does it now take 25 minutes to get from my house to the train station?  Long Island is not known for its modern roads.  The Northern and Southern State Parkways are called "parkways" because they were built a to accommodate slower cars on their way to parks. 25 minutes to get from my house to the station, compared to 10 in July and August. Box trucks, garbage trucks, a family of ducks, it sucks.

Driving to the train 
I want to hit the booze
Traffic gives me them 
PLD Blues

Where am I supposed to park my car?  In July and August, people took vacation. They got out of town. The parking lots around the station were emptier. There is a parking garage near my station, where I could park and walk right up to the platform. In September, that parking lot is full a lot earlier. And there are a lot more people who don't understand how to drive in the garage, adding time.  Much more competitive to get a good spot.

The lot is packed
I'm gonna lose
I got them full parking lot
PLD Blues

Where am I supposed to sit on the train? Standing for 40 minutes stinks. If you don't like to stand, you have to take the less crowded trains. When September hits, there are fewer of those. Today, I took a space next to an oozer. You remember the oozer? The oozer takes up one seat and then oozes into the next one. Hadn't sat next to an oozer since June.  Move over.

Oozer, move down 
I can't even take a snooze
You're givin me them
PLD Blues

Why haven't I bought those noise canceling headphones yet? That's a simple one. It's for you, loyal blog reader. You don't want me to get those headphones, right? If I drown out the noise around me, I won't know what's going on. I won't be able to report weirdness back to you. Still, I REALLY want them. Indecision.

Can't hear my tunes, but I know your
Biopsy news
Oh, you give me them
PLD Blues

One way to break those PLD blues is stay positive and focus on good things. The kids' camp directors are also looking ahead. My woman, she done told me they're already asking me to pay in full for next summer, in exchange for a modest discount.

Oh we got them.... PLD Blues.  Summer's just around the corner.


Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.

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  1. Best most poetic blog to date

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Too bad you posted as "Anonymous." If I knew who you were, I would have sent you a cake.