Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Perfume Karma

I got on the train today and found a great seat. The woman in the adjacent seat respected the boundaries, and there was no duct tape anywhere to create a sticky mess on my clothes. Score! I sat down and got comfortable.

I noticed that the woman was wearing perfume. A reasonably attractive perfume. And then, I realized that she was wearing a lot of it. My nose started to burn. My eyes started to water. I'm not a highly allergic person, but when things trigger the allergies, they trigger them in a grand way.

I sneezed, multiple times. I'm sure the people around me wanted to run away, or have me run away. But there was nowhere for anyone to go. The train was crowded, so I wasn't going to be able to change seats without standing. There we all sat.

The sneezing stopped. My eyes were itching, and my nose was still burning, but the sneezing stopped. I started breathing through my hand, creating whatever filter I could.

Then the burn returned.

The sneezing started again. The woman next to me was clearly disgusted. She probably had no idea it was her perfume that triggered it. Perfume Karma. I'm guessing the irony was completely lost on her.

Thinking about this is making my nose itch again.

Moral of the story: If you're commuting on the train, forget the perfume. Forget the after-shave. Forget the bean, cheese, and onion burrito. And bring a big box of tissues. You never know when you might run into me.

Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.
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  1. I've been there, too. In 82.9% of my experiences with that, the culprit was an older woman wearing a fur coat

    1. In those cases, the fur coat wearing woman is typically trying to cover the smell of mothballs.

  2. wonder what the woman was covering up with so much perfume?

    1. Same deal as in my previous comment. Mothballs.