Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Peeves of Octavius

Did that title get your attention? No, this isn't about Roman charioteers getting to and from the Circus Maximus. Today's TTIV entry is a guest contribution from a friend who has many commuting peeves. He shared a few with me. He prefers to be anonymous, so we'll call him "Octavius."

Many things about the commute bother me, but lately some have bugged me to no end. Here are my top three.

Coffee cups shoved in the rectangular newspaper recycling bin slots. Didn't we all learn as toddlers that round shapes don't fit into rectangular slots? Not everyone paid attention that day. Is it difficult to grasp this? The bin says, "Newspapers Only." People shove their coffee cups into the slots and leave the tops sticking out because they are too lazy to find a proper receptacle. I think recycling is important, so I pull the coffee cups out and put them in the proper trash so I can dispose of my newspaper. Dopes. TTIV note: What about a tablet-based newspaper? Wouldn't that be better for the environment, and eliminate a peeve?

Don't "bro" me out of my seat, bro. As the train makes the final approach into Penn in the morning, the conductor makes the usual arrival announcements. If I'm sleeping in the aisle seat, the window passenger may cause sleepus interruptus by saying, "excuse me, bro." I don't like being asked out of my seat minutes before the train reaches the station. It doesn't get him far at all, because he and all the other antsy standing passengers have nowhere to go. He then stands in the aisle directly next me. He gets one body ahead of me and robs 10% of my commuting sleep time. This is all too common on the 5:35 AM train. TTIV note: Not a problem for me. I'm still in REM sleep, gripping my teddy bear at 5:35 AM.

Hey conductor, how many times do you need to see my ticket? I just showed you my monthly ticket eight minutes ago. Why am I showing it to you again? Just before Jamaica, remember? Why can't you remember me? I remember you. I'm commuting here! It doesn't matter if I'm sleeping, reading, or in the midst of a high score game of Candy Crush. Don't bug me more than once. I showed you the ticket. Put up one of the those punch cards so you can remember. Grrrr. TTIV note: Get a lanyard and wear your train pass around your neck. Works for me.

Plenty more in my brain. These were just the woes of the day. I'll be back with more.

Thanks Octavius, for sharing your commuting peeves. 

Do you have commuting peeves? Of course you do. Everyone does, and I want to know what they are! Share them with me at, or post on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag #TTIV. 

Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.
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