Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Good Will Toward Your Fellow Man and Zombies

Note to #TTIV Readers: This blog piece was published on amNewYork's website at this link. Republishing here on the blog.

This morning on the train, I was half awake as we pulled into Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn. Dazed and tired from the epic rainstorm (not to mention that binge-watching "The Walking Dead" on Netflix has significantly altered my normal sleep patterns), I collected my stuff, got up, and headed toward the vestibule to wait for the train's arrival.

As I stood in the aisle waiting for the train to stop, a guy in a nearby seat tapped me. "Your backpack is open," he said. Oops, I forgot to close it. "Thanks," I replied, and made a mental note to pay it forward.

Several seats away, where I had been sitting, the guy who I'd sat next to called out, "Excuse me!" Everyone turned. He was looking at me as he held a pair of gloves up. "Did you forget these?" Oops, I forgot to take them with me. "Thanks, " I said, and made a second mental note to pay it forward.

A few minutes later, we were making our final approach into the Brooklyn terminal. The woman standing in the aisle in front of me was looking on the floor for something. I asked if she needed help. She said, "I lost my headphones." I helped her looked for them, and found them near her seat. Pay it forward #1 paid in full.

I then got on the subway to make my way into Manhattan. Once on the train, I stood next to a man with his little boy, who was no more than 4 years old. He was standing in such a way that I knew he'd be thrown when the train jerked. I guess many years of subway surfing have given me an eye for that.  I could see that the little guy was going to fall when the train started moving. I was ready and caught him as he was thrown forward. Pay it forward number #2 paid in full.

What did I learn today? 1) I am Even Steven, 2) It takes a village to get to work in one piece, 3) I may have banked enough good will for Santa to be good to me, 3) acts of kindness are the oil that keeps the machines of daily routine running smoothly, and 4) Zombies are defeated when you stay in formation and go for the head with a sharp instrument.

Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.
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