Sunday, August 09, 2015


On my walk from the parking lot to the Hicksville train station last week, I came upon an unusual sight. In high-traffic areas, things are often left behind. You might see discarded food wrappings, coffee cups, the occasional glove without a partner, or a hat.

And then sometimes you find a bowling ball.

Yes, I said a bowling ball. With a pair of sneakers inside a pale blue bag. I was late for the train but had to stop and look. See Exhibit A for a photo of the ball in the bag, you can see one of the sneakers peeking out from under the ball. See Exhibit B for some perspective on its proximity to the station. As you can see, it's within walking distance. I have questions.

Exhibit A: Bowling ball and sneakers in bag
Was the ball abandoned? Why? Was it the subject of a bad bowling memory? Why were there sneakers in the bag? Shouldn't the bag have had bowling shoes instead? Did its rightful owner bowl a 124 when his average is 171, causing him to quit his beloved sport in disgust and abandon his equipment? Did he fail to convert a 3-10 split, which he usually is able to do in his sleep? These questions are keeping me up at night. Ok, not really, but I do think about them from time to time.

After I took these photos I got on the train and didn't think much about the ball or bag. I worked the full day, had meetings, got stuff done, and then took the train home.

Exhibit B: The ball was close to the train station
As I walked back to my car, I came upon the same bag. But this time, the bag looked a little different. A bit saggy, a bit sad. I took a closer look and saw what you see in Exhibit C. Someone took the ball but left behind the bag and the sneakers.

That would be some coincidence if a guy came along, saw the ball, slipped his fingers into the drilled holes, and found the ball to be to his liking in terms of finger holes AND weight. What are the chances?

Every time I go bowling, it takes putting my fingers into an average of 8.29 balls before I find one that works. This guy found one on the first try. That's luck.

Exhibit C: Someone scored a new ball
But what about the footwear? I guess he felt putting his feet into a pair of sneakers worn by someone before would be gross. Better to just take the ball, which had someone's fingers in it. That's more sanitary.

Just writing this makes me want to get some Purell.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Monday and anticipating the state of the bag. Will it be gone? Will it be in the exact same position? Will the sneakers be gone? Will the ball be back in the bag?

Stay tuned to TTIV and I'll report back. Prepare to be bowled over.

Get it? "Bowled over?" See what I did there?

Happy and safe commuting, and may you encounter uncommon sense.
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  1. So what happened?! I'm dying to know if someone found use for the shoes too!

    1. The bag and the shoes were gone today. Unclear if they were taken for use or taken to the trash heap!