Sunday, August 23, 2015

Who Wants To Ride The TART?

A TTIV reader traveling in the Tahoe area shared this photo. The Tahoe Area Regional Transportation, or TART. TART? An entire civic board decided TART was the acronym to use?

Nevada and California tax dollars at work. I think the sun's gotten to them.

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  1. Oh wow... someone didn't think that one through. I recently moved to Seattle (escaping the daily tyranny of the LIRR, finally!) and there's a streetcar system in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Which is often referred to as a Trolley, which yields another unfortunate acronym. South Lake Union Trolley (S.L.U.T.). It's not "officially" named that, but it seems to have stuck ( and - they even made t-shirts when it first opened (! Brings some levity to local commuting :)

    1. Oh wow! That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I have to post a picture of the SLUT for certain, as a follow-up.

    2. may help :)